Welcome to the Australasian Arachnological Society

The Society aims to promote interest in the ecology, behaviour and taxonomy of arachnids in the Australasian region, loosely defined as Australia, New Zealand, South-east Asia, Oceania and the Pacific Islands.

Membership is open to all professionals and enthusiasts

Membership is $20 which subscribes you to the next four issues of our occasional newsletter Australian Arachnology. After you have received four newsletters you will be invited to renew your membership.

Members update their profiles and special interests

The Australian Arachnological Society is a hub for all those with an interest in Australian arachnology. Professionals and enthusiasts can update their profile page with information and links.

Membership of the Australasian Arachnological society is newsletter-based rather than time-based. This means members are subscribed in advance to a number of issues of Australasian Arachnology. Membership lasts as long as these newsletters take to be prepared and distributed, sometimes many years. We hope to bring out newsletters more often, even perhaps three a year as originally intended.  Members can also access their account, update their profile and submit articles to our newsletter.


Membership to the Australasian Arachnological Society is open to all individuals and scientific institutions interested in Australasian arachnology.


Australasian Arachnology is distributed as a PDF to all paid-up members of the Australasian Arachnological Society. Older issues are posted as back issues.



Members maintain their own profiles with a basic resume,  links to their publications, qualifications and special interests. Join to add yours.